This is London. Not in place, but by grace of essence. London, because it strives for harmony in difference: embracing the beauty found in each example of global culture. London because its compassionate heart is steeped in art, lost in music and buy cialis online no prescription buy cialis online no prescription devoted to incredible food. This is your London. This, is The London Project.


Welcome to London Eclectic. It’s the fusion of feasts born of different districts. The full buzzing palate of Camden’s street eats, refined by Mayfair’s polished flair, colliding plate-first with the thrilling modern cuisine of a Shoreditch kitchen. We deal in Thamesian tapas and dishes derived from a cosmopolitan cookbook of secret family recipes. Here you can find out more about our menu, how our food is curated and created by a team of young and talented world-class chefs, hungry to feed your fancy.

Signature dish

Heirloom Tomato Burrata

Anybody can reinvent themselves in London’s creative fires, and this Mediterranean classic has emerged from a culinary renaissance in the grand gallery of our kitchens. The vibrant brushstrokes of garden fresh heirloom tomatoes are looped over by jazzy notes of basil oil. Rich hues of deeply creamy Italian burrata embrace the sharp tomato consommé foam. An upward flick of smoked raspberry sorbet is the artist’s final flourish. The aromatic Mona Lisa smile. A palette of salt, sweet, smoke, acid and earth creates a canvas, of perfect elemental balance.
Signature dish

Ika Mata Ceviche

There’s a warm Pacific breeze that finds its way to The London Project’s shores. And with it comes the mariners’ harvest, fresh Hamachi, enriched with island spices. We say mariners, it’s actually our world class executive chefs, who rode that breeze all the way from New Zealand. Ika mata is a raw yellowtail salad, delicately flavoured with coconut milk, a sweet brace of lime juice, scattered diced red onion, tomato, cucumber, chilli and chives. It comes with fried tortilla morsels for dipping, scooping or shoveling depending on your propensity for restraint. And of course because it’s fish ‘cooked’ with citrus juice, it’s tempting to draw comparison with a South American ceviche, or Italian crudo and that’s fine. But our ika mata has its own refined character. It is proudly Polynesian, rumbling with seismic flavours - fiery chili, creamy coconut, the subtle glow of fresh Hamachi. It’s essential sampling for seafood aficionados.
Signature dish

Pulled Beef Soft Shell Tacos

Good food is most powerful when it is evocative of time or space. When senses pierce the present and cialis brand pills usa cialis brand pills usa sit you back at some forgotten table, with vivid recall of pleasures past. A nostalgia trip that is even more profound when the destination is unexpected. With this dish we are presented with a familiar-seeming soft shell tortilla, but one formed from delicately fermented potato. The heart of the platter comes care of three-hour veal stock braised beef cheek, with a garnish of authentic sauerkraut, black garlic mayonnaise and flagrant shavings of red Leicester. It arrives to the eyes with an impressive Latin American swagger, but a single moment on the palate reveals an emotional connection to a glorious other life as a provincial French stew. It is romance, it is joy, it is London up top and bourguignon at the back.
Signature dish

Wild Mushroom and Truffle Gnocchi

You can observe ‘The Butterfly Effect’ at work in many areas of The London Project’s identity. The idea that a simple change in one area, can result in a
Signature dish

Queenie’s Chocoate Torte

This luxurious dessert is a veritable royal wedding. A marriage of two great houses, of chocolate torte and Queenie’s signature coffee infused ice cream. The torte bears a triple coat of chocolate, a soft and graceful sponge, a mousse of pure hedonistic fancy and a decadent velvet glaze. It’s a celebration – so, humility be damned… Confetti of caramelised hazelnuts and albenza discount albenza discount fresh raspberries is showered upon the plate. It’s our fairy tale ending, our gift to the world.
Signature dish

Champagne Fish and Chips

When you’re dealing with a British icon like fish and chips, you have to tread cautiously. There are culinary pitfalls to avoid, one could be accused of making too much of a radical departure, of insincere flattery or embracing cliché. The London Project’s plate of fish and chips has managed to mind these particular gaps and add a little Dubai gastro-pixie dust into the preparation. Haddock was the fish elected as London ambassador. A classily tender and flaky fish, with a distinct flavour profile. It is a connoisseur’s choice, with a British accent. Creating the perfect batter was the more urgent alchemy. The consistency is light, so that it respects the haddock, it lifts the experience, without overwhelming it. The exact recipe and process for creating the London Project batter is kept in the Tower of London along with the Crown Jewells and Banksy’s true identity, but we can reveal that it involves nitrogen oxide and pharmacy viagra brand pharmacy viagra brand aerated Champagne. A pea puree replaces mushy peas to ensure the cockney credentials are satisfied, and a sauce gribiche is provided as cap doff to the traditional condiment of choice, tartar sauce. As any Londoner will tell you, chips (not fries) are a deal breaker. Ours are a fat cut crispy homage to the paper-wrapped Friday supper from the best kind of British chippie. It’s a taste of home, and it’s a taste of a home away from home.

The London Project drinks cabinet is a bar stocked with well-travelled bottles. We’re interested in tipples and sips, shots and tots from all over the globe. We are unashamedly big on bold and vibrant flavours. The ‘that’ you haven’t tried before. Visit us to learn more about why ingredients, techniques, perfumes and infusions are important to us and can help enhance your drinking experience.


Queenie is our totemic coffee machine. A metallic monarch overseeing her realm from a protruding feudal platform. Queenie’s empire demands great coffee. And you can’t make great coffee, without great beans. Nor can you make incredible beer from anything less than the finest hops. We toil tirelessly to ensure all of our brewed beverages deliver on quality. But our mission extends beyond that, we remain faithful to the values at the centre of our identity. The London Project only deals with ethical supply chains, with producers that give fair terms to their crop providers and their own staff. They’re part of our family too.

The Artistry

We’re proud to wear our passion on the wall. Works of creativity that inspire us, move us and reflect us. Expect to be stirred by bespoke pieces, commissioned curiosities and fragments of our collective fever dreams. Wander past unpretentious paintings, precision chipped murals, living botanical canvases. If you removed the food, the bar, booths, chairs, tables and people, The London Project would still have claim to be one of the finest, and most provocative galleries in town.

The venue’s soundtrack is one that squarely fits the mood. Spoonfuls of soulful nostalgia for creeking back into the banquets with your kindreds. Then there are the wild nights of ecstatic abandon, as your DJ, part track selector part sonic sommelier, leads you on a journey of ribcage rattlers, retro breaks, trip hop, drop-barren trap and ambient house

On Air

The voice of The London Project is raw and loud. We will not be hushed, hustled moderated or swayed by corporate interest. When you step inside the booth, hang your hype at the door, anything less than authentic is just dead air to us. You’ll find engaging discussions and comment on topics picked from the hive mind of our thriving social hub. Tune in to the poetic spoken words of those with one ear pinned firmly to the street. Join The London Project Live, in our podcast studio located at our home on BlueWaters Island. And, hear all about it.


If you stripped The London Project down to its basic building blocks, you would simply find its people. Discover what makes a London Project person, and how they shape our values, our social enterprises, our vision for the future and the blueprint for our legacy.

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