Kitchen Talent

Have you got what it takes to be part of our family?
Do you worship high quality ingredients, modern cooking techniques and sustainable practices? This, is London Eclectic.

Come home, our kitchen team is where you belong.

We run an operation with purpose and require synergic team-work and the ability to adapt to changes, needs and trends.

We are looking for Chefs de Partie, Commis Chefs and Kitchen Hands wanting to learn from some of the best Chefs and culinary professionals in the world, with an opportunity to grow as part of our global movement.

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Bar Talent

Are you who we have to employ to get a drink around here?

Can you tell stories like Hemmingway? Hold court like Oprah?

Our operation serves drinks with soul, and spirit(s); but also, with wit, skill and knowledge.
You will need to be a team player, a front-runner and a charismatic bencher at the same time. Adaptability is essential and good banter nonnegotiable!

We are looking for Bartenders and bar-backs with personality and technique!

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Host Talent

Got good chat? Give good face? We want hosts who genuinely care, and don’t hide behind a phone or a desk.

Our operation hosts guests, full stop. That is our creed. As part of the guest relations department you will get under the skin of our guests and learn what they want, before they realise it themselves. You will know what we can offer, and why we offer it. You will recommend, facilitate and like a high-style and on-point fairy godparent, grant guests their fondest wishes.

Ability to think on your feet and liaise with other departments to achieve an outstanding experience is paramount, pair that with a killer smile and genuine sense of care, and that’s exactly what we are after!

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Floor Talent

Is a party not a party till you walk in?

We want just that; personality-packed superheroes, able to redefine service expectations, to be there before being seen, and always present whenever needed. Good banter, party tricks, charm that borders on a super power and the ability to empathise, are a must.

Our operation creates experiences, it makes moments happen. As part of the floor team you will know menus, people, culture, pro tips, you’ll know how to be a Rockstar and never shy to show us how. You’ll also know how to pluck a chicken. Both figuratively and literally!

Does this sound like you?

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Barista Talent

Do you care about those individuals who grow, pick and benefit from the beans you brew?
The sky is the limit for our coffee program, a new-age of coffee making; honoring the growers, the cuppers and amazing our guests.
As part of our team you will be exposed to a micro-roasting operation, guided by experienced hands with bags of industry wisdom. Our culture is one of our most valuable assets, and if selected, you will be living and breathing this culture, this voyage of self and world-development, everyday, inside and outside the workplace.

We’re searching for people to brew, pack, laugh and care about every cup, every pot and every smile that gets served.

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Golden Ticket

You shine bright you crazy diamond!

You have been awarded this invitation, because something special has been seen in you. Your exceptional level of skill, personality and positive attitude has been identified, and your service is now required.

Our leadership team has travelled far and wide over the past two years and they have recognised a quality within you that means you would be an asset to this exciting global project.

This is your ticket, apply here to start the journey to your best possible self.

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